About earlfishervoices

Guess some people like to know the story behind the person, so here are the relevant facts that have created earlfishervoices, and have shaped me as a voice actor, business person and human being.

  • grew up in front of the TV… mimicking all the cartoons and show characters
  • got hooked on acting when I was in high school… ah, the power of applause
  • won an acting scholarship to Michigan State University and performed extensively in main-stage shows, plus children’s theater tours and summer stock
  • became a “go to” guy for advertising students who were looking to trade pizza and beer for voice over services
  • earned a MFA degree in Theater from Trinity University, while working at the Dallas Theater Center where I expanded my training to include script writing and directing
  • pretty much stopped stage acting, as I began my professional voice over career
  • started my first business with my best friend (advertising agency type)… writing, directing and (yes) voicing radio commercials
  • eventually, the radio spot work transitioned into creative and production services for TV commercials, corporate video, interactive training and web development
  • in the meantime, I fell in and out of love a couple of times, until my dog, Iago, introduced me to my wife (dogs are great for attracting women)
  • we’ve been very happily married for 25 years, and we have raised a smart, beautiful, inspired daughter who is (choke, choke) away at college
  • I’m filling the “empty-nester” space by discovering new opportunities to create, serve and contribute

Here’s a rare on-camera moment where my reputation for the outrageous led me to this performance for a Texas Instruments sales training intro: Big Earl’s E-prom Emporium. Sorry, but the offer for the free Elvis glassware set has expired!

My “broadcast quality” studio is equipped to provide professional acoustics and isolation, clean recording, and multi-track editing. Sessions can be monitored and directed by my clients.  *No charge for studio during recording and “best-take” editing of my voice for auditions and performances.

  • 6-inch drywall and cement-board walls and ceiling sandwiching 1/4-inch mass loaded vinyl
  • Acoustic control interior panels and bass traps
  • Audio-Technica AT4033a mic
  • dbx 286A mic processor
  • Focusrite digital interface
  • Reaper multi-track recording/production software
  • Source Connect standard , ipDTL, phone patch, Zoom and Skype

Working Safely from Home Studio During Covid 19 Crisis