Pure Joy of Pretending

It’s What Sparks the Heart, Soul and Magic in Every Read

Easy to direct, lots of options, and always eager to please!

Non-Character Voices

I love pretending anything; even a sincere, conversational spokesman or a knowledgeable narrator.  No matter how straight or natural, it’s still a blast to get inside their skin. Of course I always bring a little bit of myself to the part, but I really think what shines through the most is just my joy in getting to play.

Character Voices

Most clients don’t need me to do a bunch of characters. They need one or two that believably come to life. Although my characters usually have very different sounds, I’ve been told that the “life” I breathe into them really comes from my willingness to jump in totally. The voices are just a reflection of that process.

Nice Fit of Voice and Image – Compilation

Check out these snips of various video character voice-overs. Each sample offers a totally different sound that is truly organic to the characters’ visual presence. BTW, I voiced both the male and female in the “in bed” snippet for PBS.

Some Fun Stuff

Here’s a rare on-camera moment where my reputation for the outrageous led me to this performance for a Texas Instruments sales training intro: Big Earl’s E-prom Emporium. Sorry, but the offer for the free Elvis glassware set has expired!

Behind the Scenes

For several years, I’ve performed the voice of Pedro the Mail Burro for Boy Scouts of America.  The work is usually for web or video, but Pedro was invited to host one of their national meetings, which means I stood backstage synchronizing his voice to the actions of the guy in the Pedro-suit on stage.  Interesting.

We’ve worked with Earl for many years, because of his incredible voice acting skills: a great ability to entertain, a dedication to perfection, and a strong sense of character without ever losing the message. He doesn’t just read the lines– he works to find the nuances and truth in the person he’s voicing. Earl is a true actor.


Tom Fiorini Senior Video Producer, Boy Scouts of America

Stuff for the Search Engines

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The Holidays are Here!Need a special holiday voice?
From warm, whimsical narration to Santa, elves, Scrooge, reindeer and many other wonderful characters for your holiday messages.


Get Real Holiday Spirit

For years I spent every Christmas Eve on roof tops, dressed as Santa. Summoned by their parents, the children of the house would discover me ready to climb into the chimney. But worried for my safety, my wife eventually said I had to find a new way to spin my holiday magic.

So for the past several years, during the weeks preceding Christmas, I make calls to dozens of children, presumably from the North Pole. I call not only as Santa, but as Mrs. Clause, several elves, Rudolf, Frosty and whatever other characters spontaneously appear.

All my characters carry on with the children and each other to create a magical time. I do not do this for money. This is just what I do to create holiday spirit for myself and hopefully the children and their families.

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