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Easy to direct, lots of options, and always eager to please!
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My Commercial Demo was nominated for the 2020 SOVAS Awards in the Best Commercial Demo Category!  Give a listen!

From Warm, Sincere, Conversational ; to Quirky, Energized, and Unexpected Natural Personalities.

Even sticking to my distinctive natural voice print, you’ll find tremendous range of style, attitude, age and personality to tell your story. I love diving into a story with my individuality and imagination; I am a seasoned storyteller who knows how to engage an audience through many points of connection. This is my greatest joy and I jump in all the way.

Plus an Unyielding Range of Character Voices

At some point, personality, tonal quality, affectations and style carry a performance beyond my natural voice print.  And boy, it’s truly “joy in high gear” when that’s what’s needed!  My pure joy of telling stories through fascinating characters, along with years of actor training, allows me to engage audiences in very memorable ways. That said, it’s about the acting- not the voice.

We’ve worked with Earl for many years, because of his incredible voice acting skills: a great ability to entertain, a dedication to perfection, and a strong sense of character without ever losing the message. He doesn’t just read the lines– he works to find the nuances and truth in the person he’s voicing. Earl is a true actor.


Tom Fiorini Senior Video Producer, Boy Scouts of America

Fun Stuff that Doesn’t Make It Into a Demo

Pretty Boy is the main antagonist or “Boss” in this Borderlands 3 expansion, Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot. He’s a little man with an ax to grind.

In this anime feature from Funimation, I play the Butler in this power-grab scene.

Ronaldo Sagitarian the magical unicorn is one of my favorite alter-egos! This excerpt is from the very first video of “Ronnie” 4 years ago, and to date, it has received over 9 million hits on YouTube.

This is a TV spot for Charter Media, promoting their DVR service.  For some reason, I have been often type-cast as a parrot.

This “oldie, but goody” was created for Spike and Mike’s Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation by DNA Productions prior to their breakout success with Jimmy Neutron. I play Weird Beard in this episodic portrayal of a young pirate-to-be’s hazing.

I voice Brussel, the patriarch of the Sprout family. Several interstitials were produced, which promoted healthy, yet fun eating for kids.

I voiced this “dummy” in the vein of Edgar Bergen’s Charlie McCarthy puppet.  The trick was to deliver the dialogue without moving my mouth to get the effect a ventriloquist’s voice would have.

I’ve been voicing and singing for CEC’s Pasqually the Pizza Chef for over 20 years! After that long, we’ve bonded and I eat more pizza.

Reaching way back, I used to voice (and manipulate the puppet) a recurring character on Barney. I still get regular calls from an old fan with AS who asks me to repeat many of the lines he has memorized. Happy to know my work still brings joy.

This one goes way back, too. But I like to share it because it demonstrates an ability I’ve always had to change back and forth between voices, naturally.  This was recorded as a single take doing both voices.

Here’s a rare on-camera moment where my reputation for the outrageous led me to this performance for a Texas Instruments sales training intro: Big Earl’s E-prom Emporium. Sorry, but the offer for the free Elvis glassware set has expired!

For several years, I’ve performed the voice of Pedro the Mail Burro for Boy Scouts of America.  The work is usually for web or video, but Pedro was invited to host one of their national meetings, which means I stood backstage synchronizing his voice to the actions of the guy in the Pedro-suit on stage. Interesting.

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Earl Fisher is an experienced voice actor. He is a voice actor in Dallas, Texas providing voicing services for commercials, games, animation, corporate communications and digital media for the web. Believable, engaging, entertaining voices. Earl Fisher creates an unending number of character voices. Warm, friendly, sincere neutral-accent voiceprint. Conversational Millenial commercial reads; interesting quirky, snarky, or monotone reads too. Great comedic style and humorous perspective. Narrator, character, accents, cartoon voices, puppet voices, voices for radio, voice-over for TV; television.  Award-winning voice actor. Voice actor with recording studio and audio production services. Dialects, wide age range, animation characters, high energy, heart-warming, story teller.

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