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Voice Services for Business

Businesses have relied on my voice to bring to life their critical communication objectives for the past 30 years. This award-winning experience, is backed by a commitment to excellence and enthusiastic service, plus an extensive vocal and stylistic range.  These are the reasons customers select me to voice their most important messages; for branding, marketing, public relations, sales, recruitment, training, phone and IT interactive services, and various employee and stakeholder communications.

I provide quick turn-arounds and competitive professional rates in each of the general areas of business communication listed below.

  • Meetings & conferences
  • Websites
  • Public & industry events
  • Employee & stakeholder communications
  • Recruitment

My narrative work is always about telling your story, engaging your audience, and guiding them to a new perspective or understanding. I am skilled at doing this using many different vocal techniques of style, personality, and point of view.  And I am always so very careful to represent my customers’ brands with respect and confidence. You’ll find that I posses a very broad range of vocal expression, which allows me to deliver the nuances that are most important to your message.

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  • Social media
  • E-mail newsletters
  • Sales funnels
  • Trade shows & kiosks
  • Explainer videos
  • TV & radio ads

My years of experience have honed an ability to promote your business at just the right level of provocation, depending on the needs of your brand, objectives, and delivery mode.  My voice can entertain, inform, inspire and convince, and due to my formal actor training, I can not only serve as a narrative spokesperson, but deliver a broad range of styles and characters to grab attention and engage your audience.

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See Video Samples Below
  • Interactive learning
  • Recorded training
  • K-12 education

Contrary to the didactic instructor approach of the past, my style is to bring personality and a sincere one-to-one connection with the listener to my reads.  My strong acting background and years of experience training business audiences, prepares me to support your learning objectives with a warm, friendly, personal style. Plus, I can deliver a vast range of realistic personalities and characters, which serve to illustrate your training points or add entertainment value. These qualities also are perfect for children’s educational programs.

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See Video Samples Below
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OPTIONS: to fit your needs and expectations.

I am available to work on both non-union and union projects.

  • If you are not a signatory to AFTRA/SAG contracts, let’s discuss your project and identify the proper rates based on studio time and usage. Rates for non-union voice over services can be negotiable.
  • When voicing in a “right to work” state, such as Texas, I can also work on union jobs. AFTRA/SAG rates and policies apply to all all union projects, which are contracted through my agents listed at the bottom of this page.

I cover a wide range of voices and types. Save with discounted multiple voices.

As you can hear, I voice a wide range of distinctive voices, so why not save money? Hire me to perform multiple voices! Each additional performance is at a 15% discount from my standard rates!

Discounts not permitted on SAG/AFTRA contracts.

Whether your project is union or non-union, I offer free audition services.  I’m ready to send you a great sample of how I’ll sound on your project.

And if you’re ready to hire me, follow these instructions.

My rates for non-union jobs are based on the GVAA rate guide, which publishes non-binding rate recommendations for all categories of voice-over recording and usage.  Rates vary by category. The GVAA rate guide suggests fair and reasonable rates for professional voicing services and is used by a large portion of the non-union voice actor community.

Record in My Studio…

Most projects are conveniently recorded in my home studio. There is NO COST for the first hour of recording, which is sufficient for most all projects. Larger projects can receive additional free studio time, as negotiated.My studio sessions are conducted remotely with clients; using a variety of convenient connection options.

… or in a Studio of Your Choosing

Some of my clients have their own studios or have a local studio they prefer working in. I’m happy to record wherever is best for you. In this case, you pay the studio directly. If the studio is located outside of the Dallas area, travel fees will apply.

My Studio Specs

My “broadcast quality” studio is equipped to provide professional acoustics and isolation, clean recording, and multi-track editing:
  • custom-built booth mitigates external noise and provides proper acoustics
  • professional Audio-Technica AT4033a mic
  • Focusrite digital interface
  • Reaper multi-track recording/production software

Remote Connection Options

Sessions in my home studio can be remotely monitored and directed by my clients using a variety of options:
  • Source Connect- standard, ipDTL, phone patch, Zoom, Skype and Discord
  • ISDN is not an option

You Direct the Session!
Choose from Convenient Options.

OPTION 1: Provide prior direction via email or phone. I’ll record and email my offline recording to you for review and approval. If needed, you provide further direction for one included revision session.
OPTION 2: Direct the recording session real-time via SourceConnect- standard, ipDTL, Zoom, Skype or phone patch, and I’ll send you a final file based on your in-session approval. Fees are typically based on a 1-hour session.
OPTION 3: Direct and record the session at your studio, and leave with your approved recordings. Fees are typically based on a 1-hour session.

Breadth of Experience and Customer Support

Not only am I a veteran voice actor, but my career also comprises decades of experience in nearly all forms of business communications, as a writer, director and producer for major corporations, educational/training projects and advertisers. This background enables me to voice your projects with greater sensitivity to strategic, creative and production needs.

This experience also allows me to support you with ancillary creative and production services, if needed.


Script Consulting, Up-work and Editing

I’ve written hundreds of hours of corporate media communications for training, sales, HR, plus employee and stakeholder relations.

Cast and Record Multiple Voice Actors

It may be easier to have me find, coordinate, and record all the voices you need. Rates based on number of talents, length of scripts and your approval process.

Fully Produced Audio Programs

As a veteran audio producer, I can deliver fully mixed and mastered multi-track audio programs with voices, music and sound-effects. Turnkey production quotes are based on length and complexity of the program; based on $85 per hour.

Beyond the Voice

I understand that complete customer satisfaction requires more than just a great vocal performance. That something is actually a mindset.  I absolutely love what I do, so I bring passion to my work and my business relationships. That passion fuels my drive for excellence– meeting my customers’ and my own standards and expectations.  To me, “excellence” also means precisely communicating, to set clearly defined expectations and agreements; and then measuring up. Finally, my passion inspires me to approach our relationship with a positive and grateful attitude!

Keeping at the Top of My Game

It takes a lot of effort and commitment to stay current with constantly shifting stylistic trends of the many genres of vocal communications, which I deliver.  To do so, I work regularly with multiple national and international voice acting coaches, I attend numerous workshops, seminars and conferences, and I practice twice each week in peer-group vocal workouts. It is my job to constantly prepare myself to bring you my best!


NARRATION: Documentary on benefits of Tai Chi.

CORPORATE NARRATION:  Promotional video for Be the Match Foundation to attract potential donors.

COMMERCIAL:  Dummy in Roundstreet Pizza spot.

COMMERCIAL:  Parrot for Charter Media TV spot.

COMMERCIAL:  Television spot for Alliance to Save Energy.

COMMERCIAL:  Doughby the dough mixer in multiple TV and radio spots.

EMPLOYEE TRAINING: Off-camera instructor for Automotive Oil Change Association.

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